Woah a good remix is that possible from me? well this isnt that amazing but i say a job well done compared to other remixes

edit: fixed build problem that no one noticed but me or you didn't mention it

edit: fixed ending

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  • this is actually pretty good for my old all audiotool stuff

  • NICE!! }=) It sounds great.

  • @Metryk thanks dude I am really good at taking things and miing them to sound better or nicer not saying your wasn't nice but yeah :)

  • i like this remix, it really puts a good twist on the song, i made this song in like an hour and didnt put alot of thought into it but you really pulled apart the synths and made it fun to listen to

    great job

  • "Sniffle" "Sniffle" So happy! \^O^/

  • *sniff sniff* beautiful O^O

  • Great!

  • Just Beutiful! Lol

  • nice slow and fast

  • Republished

    last edit was reprived cause it was stupid

  • @Uprising

    thanks i was surprised about this I am bad a remixes so i generally avoid them

  • i really like this

  • BTF

  • Nice :)

  • nice work !!