Just made this tonight,hope you like it.. XD

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  • So happy your liking my music my friend ;) thank you!!

  • Cool one bro :)

  • I think I would like it better without André's A2 thing. I doesnt fit that well. But I know that melody since 1995 maybe that's why ;)

  • wow,,cheers guys....XDD

  • yeah - cool stuff! also along with the slide as Jambam mentions, try messing with the pattern length on the 303's. :)

  • That Bass...Okay you can put bass in anything and I'll love it lol...

    But anyhow, Keep it up.

    Gonna check the rest of your tracks aswell.

  • Nice old school vibe :) Try messing about with slide on the 303, it's a lot of fun!

  • no there is not too much 808....maybe too much 303 ehehe....anyway no thanks me....thanks andre michelle :)

  • :3

  • thanks to "cripta/farcio" for the mean ass sample!!!!!XD

  • A little bit raving just what I like! Stay on this way! Maybe try the same setup but a little bit... dirty with some tubeDistortion and try arpeggio on the 303 you can make some crazy sounds with this! Peace! :)

  • I would change the 303 pattern a lot more, it gets monotonous. I like the perc in here, the pad in it and the way you modulate the 303, try experimenting with the other synths too though.

  • i dig the groove - advice i have not a lot because i don't really understand the dance genres so i'll leave that for other listeners :)