Made this peace back in 1995 for a TV film. I saved the MIDI file then, was curious to hear how it sounds today within Audiotool environment.

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  • im curious to hear how the original sounds too! is that posted anywhere?

    • no, it's not posted. i should have it on my archives though!

  • thank God you're posting again!

    • I can't tell you how happy this news will make so many people!

    • Will post more soon. Getting my new rig in few days... :D... happy to get back to the tools and community here!

  • Republished

    fixing a delay glitch and some MIDI notes refinements...

  • Republished

    fixing a delay glitch and some MIDI velocities refining...

  • Republished

    Added Filters and automation for more color and dynamics richness. A bit more volume/compression.

  • love the textures of this, very dreamy and captivating

  • woahhhhhh

  • Beauti work.

  • you are too good at building tension <3 omg

  • it feels weird hearing middle eastern scales on a jazz fusion synth