Cover of track Recycled (HOME OFFICE) by slopo
  • 4 weeks ago
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slopo, Recycled (HOME OFFICE)


I like to recycle my sampled samples :) It could be fun, creative and it makes a lot of space for developing new ideas...

All samples are created at audiotool. 909 kick sample which i use in my recent tracks, plus sub bas sample and russelbocked low tom for the lower sounds. Pulv pad.303 bassline. I got the drumloop from a simple noise sample with a lot of effects and russelbock. Some claps and snares again combination of 909 and previous samples, sampled together :)) Some fx and a lot of fun :)

P.S. Audiotool is the best thing that happened to the internet, since the internet is invented :)

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    4 weeks ago

    Thanks toolers

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    4 weeks ago

    nice acid

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    4 weeks ago