Some late night broken beat that's pretty much a combination of my last few unfinished tracks. I hope it pleases your ear holes.

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  • why the hell is this so good 😭

  • mY fuckING LifEeeEE


  • Republished

    bit of nightmare to fix this one, remember why I left it now lol

    • nvm that's miles better

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    Eased off on the compression

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    louder hopefully

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    Took long enough, but there's finally some low end

  • Yeah !

  • raelly cool and well produced!

  • HELL YEAH CHARTED deserve it for reals goon. proud of u <3

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  • Ya I love the cover, cool track

  • Man this track is so dope

  • Haha...Nice choice for a cover

  • Republished

    added download option

    • You're very welcome :) Thank you for such a huge compliment!

    • Thank you so much! I was just coming here to say that occasionally I'll come to this page and play the song about 10 times straight. This is easily one of my favorite songs I've come across on Audiotool!

  • Nice drums