Me and d(S K E H S E P)b bring you our latest collab, "A New Day". I hope you guys enjoy, we have put a lot of emotion in to this track, had a great time collabing with d(S K E H S E P)b. Enjoy! :D

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  • here's the link for the remix. it going in a new album im making. its called The Gadget

  • Imma change that in a few days!!!

    • i promised RenegadeBeatz that i would immortalize him.

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  • Huh, no remixes yet...

  • such an amzing track, u will become huge one day. also this truly fills the meaning if a new day :)

  • so talented

  • punch the like button in the face!

  • a month since this has been out and this is still one of my favorites :3

  • okjihjcvghugvkjfkfgigfvgfrpokgrjrijer'ijgr

  • niice

  • Wow

  • i think we should colab more often a.r XD people seem to like it when we do :)

  • noice

  • This shit is really good

  • keep up the good work

  • Forgot to add try using a compressor to low the clipping down abit aha , I woke back up n had to listen this again the leads nice i like it a lot !