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  • got any more tips?

    • ask your mom how it went. im sure she remembers

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  • this is piss but the good kind

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  • Republished

    remastered vocals

  • your mom sent me a text, come over its urgent.

  • hmmmmmmm fooooooood so good

  • Bruh this is so good

  • nice

  • "drinking and driving like im not pro life" god damn

  • simply snacking

    always packing

    off the rack I'm


    people see me

    think I'm hacking

    cheat codes on my dick

    got me laughing

  • simply nutting

  • flow active like those almonds

  • wow, this is really good and it sounds good! keep up the good work!

  • Sounds like you had fun with this one

  • crunch on dem almonds

  • mmm tasty