like all good things,

must pass


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  • like nothing else... to play this piece during a happy moment would amplify the europhia; to play it in a moment of sadness would darken the sorrow. just one of the most special pieces of music

  • oooh the memory of this one..

  • ugh

  • this, again

  • I love those chords

  • This is still one of the most stunningly beautiful tracks on Audiotool. A master piece.

  • thanks for the anagram

  • favre

  • refav

  • i am very intense lol :)

  • amoeba is pretty intense :)

  • breathe in, breathe out. great for all of those melancholy days.

  • holy shit.... this is the type of music i wanna make...

  • oh my.....

  • If there's one song that really creates a timeline of life in your head, it's this! It's just majestic :')