svajÿ näsli morhega ros

kama sva

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  • tehsnk i luv u 2 <3

  • so gud, u gna maek me cri ;_;

  • to perfection ,man. love this.

  • *Sighs happily*

  • haha that would be cool thanks :)

  • There needs to be a music video to this.

  • thanks! maybe someday haha :)

  • I can imagine this in a movie. Sweet stuff!

  • thank you! :)

  • beautifull and magical !!!!

  • yeah, also there are a lot more hip hop artists...

  • I think perhaps its the age of ..whatever genre Luxior/Solace/A Dragon named Cuddlex/Xavrock makes...

    There was the time of Techno, Complextro, Ambience and now it is this. I think its fitting for this new look of Audiotool!

  • haha im not sure if they do know. ;) thanks everyone! :)

  • Damn

  • bp .......Am I the only one who seems to notice the epicness of qd and your music? Do you guys even know...?