The Revolutions are coming. I give it 2/3 years

Just a quick btw. If you listen on headphones, your missing out on most the fun.

Heavy Bass.

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  • cheers Yafee! ;)

  • Yah G1m8:)

  • cool, nice job :)

  • Cheers guys!

    I hate this bug. I really do. Im no way near popular enough to get almost 300 plays in a day or two.

    I dont want to bother the mods again and tell them

  • Nice work .

  • heavy bass indeed..............

  • :)

  • Cheers for the faves guys ;)

  • Thanks SBD, and Doc ;)

  • Pretty Slick Track Bro. I like it.

  • WOW great work, love the effects and the synths

  • Thats what i was going for Audio :)

    I was gonna call this The Domino Effect. Because of all the middle easter revolutions. I meant mainly here in Britain. Our revolution will come ;)

  • Nice work Oscar. This is cool sountrack music. I really dig the overall feel of it. Oh and the revolutions have already begun. Check out north Africa and Syria.

  • Thanks Abstract! :)

    Like the bass too ;)