so i made quick synh and forget about it while it played in the backround for like 30 i grew to like it..and it relaxed me..and the beats worked so idecided dto publish it..why not? i like it...old pic i use to use too

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  • havnt seen ya in a bit hope your doing good

  • pretty good man. That picture makes me think that if the waveform was in three dimensions and being looked at from above it would look like that. Or instead of looking from above, its being looked at from one of the ends. lol Nice work sKruhmpshus.

  • good stuff.

    plz check your wall.

  • :) thanks uprising

  • you get better and better whit every track m8 !!

  • thanks sbd im kinda fond of it too.....i appreciate it dustin ross tis what i made it for....just backround stuff

  • nice, i could put this on repeat for a while

  • Love that beat

  • thanks torn and approaching human

  • awesome love it !!!

  • I like the organic bass. Really cool track!

  • lol yeah ik its long...its meant to be..thanks though..thanks for all your comments

  • Nice dude :) intro's a bit long tho

  • Cool! Good stuff!

  • nice song altogether with the synths and beat nice ework

    also the title brung back memories cuz my audiotool name used to be "secret alliance"