Cover of track Alone And Powerless by Distorted Vortex
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Distorted Vortex, Alone And Powerless


7 Billion Pepole Dead One Alive

so for this album T.O.T.L.I.Y. Is going to have like a story behind it aswell as some music but it will mostly be music so i'm going to make a intro for T.O.T.L.I.Y. on audacity like i did for the colourless intro also i thought since i'm getting near 100 followers i decided to like tell you the tracks for this album

1. T.O.T.L.I.Y. (Intro)

2. Blood And Bones

3. Alone And Powerless (which is this track)

4. Mutants From The Dead

5. Parkour

6. Hype

7. Shattered

8. Hope (Outro)

so yeah that will be all of the tracks i will maybe make a new account and not tell you guys just so i can make the music for the album

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