Cover of track Alternate Khaos - Plutonium (Psychill version) by Feli:daY
  • about 2 years ago
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Feli:daY, brain-walker, Alternate Khaos - Plutonium (Psychill version)


This is the Psychill version of our Plutonium Track...

The story:

A few month ago, the great Plutonium club closed its doors. There was a crackdown, but the results are ridiculous, so we think the real reason is, they dont like trance-clubs and parties in bavaria...

We created this track to collect some money for the jung owners of this great club, because there are big debts now...

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    Quinten de Bruin

    about 2 years ago

    Very great track mate! I like the drop at 3:46 . I made my first psy trance track with a little help of your presets ;). I would like if to let you hear it! It is called Living Surealistic Dimensions (LSD) make sure to check it out :)