Trying to do many things with few of them. A 808 and a Pulv.

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  • This is probably my favorite minimal song now

  • 41 likes for this track is a complete travesty. I still firmly believe this is one of the most impressive tracks on Auditool.

  • comment j'ai pu passé à côté de ce morceau....... je comprends pas !!

    génial !!!

  • Such a crazy tune.

  • crazy mind

  • Aaaaaahahahaha, so great, it's really only one pulv! How's that possible??? Well, the answer is right before me.

  • (pretending to have a conversation spam)

  • No idea how you ended up here @Merle but thanks ;)

  • BTF!

  • yeah :) re listen

  • I'll hapilly oblige! Thx for leading me to this gem ;)

  • This track is amazing. There should be way more favorites than this!

  • Thank you Chunk :)

  • Amazing! Gorgeus track!