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  • Oh boy the nostalgia

  • It does baffle me that this has 438 likes. But sure.

  • The horn at 1:14 made me laugh xD

  • I love discovering more of your music. Hope you are doing well! This is super good. I'm glad this charted.

  • I agree with Blueude, the samples are a little off rhythm. Try tweaking where they start just a touch.

    • Listening to this again, the samples would be fine if they were given a little bit of a different context. They're kind of just out on their own, so they sound wonky. Put them in conversation with something else, though, and it would be a different story.

      Also, wow, this was in 2015. Very ahead of its time.

  • sam gellaitry vibes holy christ

  • Re fav

  • refav

  • i still fw this

  • What genre of music is this song ?

    Trap? Minimal?

  • refav

  • wow sounds great to my ears and fantastic bass sound

  • mm i remember this

  • 10k

  • Oh yah. This is my jam ;-)