Cover of track Animals (Remix Competition) by no vyce (Kryptic)
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no vyce (Kryptic), Animals (Remix Competition)


Well, everyone has a first at everything. This is my first remix competition!

This song's synth work is truly amazing! It took me just under an hour to get the melody to as close to perfect as I can. I think I got pretty close :)


*Any genre, any speed

*Must use the melody

*Must be over 2 minutes

*Must be titled "Animals (*Your Name*Remix)"


That last one's not required, but it's recommended

You can do anything, remake the original or try a complete different genre, but please put effort into this, make it sound amazing! ;)

This is my first remix competition so there aren't going to be major prizes. This contest is basically to see what talent is out there. I'll add some minor prizes if I get a good amount of remixes though.

This might or might not be successful, but if you decide to remix, no matter who you are, thank you! I'd really appreciate that!

~Have fun!~

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