A nice little remix of my first track to start off the new year. Ahhhh memories.

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  • yes! HOUSE! I was waiting to find one and I did.

  • Thanks :)

  • BTF. One of my favorite melodies on AT.

  • This is just amazing. that pad :O

  • Ty Zenit :)

  • Very nice.

  • Yeah haha thanks :)

  • Ahh gotcha. Well it sounds dirty, I figured it had to be too good for audiotool haha

  • That was made in FL. My browser kept crashing so I thought It'd be better if I used my sample rather than adding another synth.

  • No I meant the strings starting at 0:54 ; I opened up the track and saw it was a loop but I wasn't sure if you'd made it in audiotool or not

  • Did you make the pad after the drop in audiotool or in FL studio? Because I've been trying to figure out how to get that sound in audiotool forever haha

  • Thank you Mr. Speck! :)

  • Me like :D Very well made track! You are pro, tehehe.

  • lol thanks TaTaTaT :)