Thanks @almate for the awesome Machiniste preset.

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  • I really love this track.He is one of the most beloved on this site.

    • @AudiotoolMan hearing that is very motivating. i'm glad this track has a positive impact on you.

    • This track has a positive and beautiful aura.When it’s very difficult for me, this track gives me strength and hope for the best

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  • Thanks :)

  • you officially have me HOOKED ON YOUR MUSIC ( specifically this song) :) i could listen for hours upon hours if i was allowed XD lol

  • Yezzur

  • you use his presets too?

  • Sooooo Good

  • I still listen to this song all the time.! It's a great song!

  • Thanks Zenit :)

  • I like it.Cool !

  • Thank you SixthStone :)

  • WOW!! amazing pads and drums!!! I gotta look at those!!! amazing song the snths are very well done!! great job on this!

  • hey i'm knew at audiotool and i was wondering how you get started making music?

  • Thanks HeartofGlass! Great quote :)