Cover of track Waveshaper Preset Demo with bass guitar loop by SpicyChicken
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SpicyChicken, Waveshaper Preset Demo with bass guitar loop


I made several distortion presets and tested them out with a funky bass loop. I played the clean bass loop first for comparison, and played the entire sample through each distortion tone. The clean and distorted tones are all at -9 dB for easy comparison. ;D

All of these presets should be free for use. Let me know if I accidentally made any of these private. This project is also open to remixes as well.

0:00 - clean bass tone (no effects)

0:22 - spicy's foldback distortion

0:44 - spicy's soft clipping

1:06 - spicy's hard clipping

1:28 - spicy's hard clipping with crossover distortion

1:50 - spicy's soft fuzz

2:12 - spicy's hard fuzz

Let me know what you thought of these, and if you have any favorites. I really enjoyed how the hard fuzz and foldback turned out.

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    2 weeks ago

    I love it.

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    4 weeks ago

    this hits

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    4 weeks ago

    what a cool way of distortion, that is very cool :D

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    about 1 month ago

    Special thanks to octane for their remix. I really do appreciate it. <3

    EDIT: They either hid it or deleted it

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