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22 / US (he/him)
name: Mauri / Mau / daddy
I make a bit of everything tbh
Mah homiez:
@Ratewerani - We're constantly collabing
@Koza - we go way back, also frequent collab partner
@Christian-Chrom - Love his toms. His music is very energetic and clubby
@seyasoya [pulvgang] - An old friend of mine. They make awesome downtempo tracks
@nobodyathome - my alien brotha from another motha / sista from another mista / sibling / alien head looking ass
@Jetdarc - haha, pulv go beep beep. Chiptune jesus
@nico - Miles Davis, is that you? ;)
@Sandburgen - kraftwerk techno looking ass.
@azteck and @ABADDON - This is what real family bonding looks like. The hardcore fam
@Client [Gone] - pretty chill
@✨duckie✨ - give them some love

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