It's my favourite time of the year again!

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  • Jeeez, this is great

  • Im going to remix this shortly! Good Job <3 <3

  • Lovely!

  • this is great!

  • 3rd Place man !!

    this track is very nice and its a modern version of a quite old school drum and bass sound. the mixing is perfect and every sound fits together perfectly! the lack of noticeable sidechaining is a pleasant surprise in this day and age of over compression! the drums punch through the mix perfectly without overpowering the track !

    well done man ! :)

  • great reese!

  • very nice

  • Okey... that's pretty much settled... I came in last place for my entry that was even submitted... that took me the longest time to make to date...

  • This is so good. *_*

  • your melodies are just so...calming, I love it.

  • beautifull flowing track

  • i love your pianos <3

  • why did i bother....

  • nailed it dude.

  • why tf did i entry at all ;-;