Audiotool Day 2015 Results:

All people in the top 3 places are all included in an album on Soundcloud where there are 4 mixes in separate styles which can be found here:

(link is only visible to registered users)

and here: AT Day 2015 Winners


1st Place:

Audiotool Day 2015 (Aron entry #1)

Audiotool Day 2015 - opaqity

Audiotool Day 2015 -Pathfinder

Audiotool Day 2015 - mayonnaise

2nd Place:

Audiotool Day 2015 - Luxior Entry

Audiotool Day 2015 - Archon

Audiotool Day 2015 - Inavon

Audiotool Day 2015 - abstract

3rd Place:

Audiotool Day 2015 - Cal Lycus

Audiotool Day 2015 - sol3r

Audiotool Day (MPIRA)

Audiotool Day 2015 - DubLion


Honourable Mentions: AT Day 2015 Honours


It is worth mentioning that judging this years competition was very difficult. The quality of all the entries this year was amazing. So do not be disheartened if you didn't make it in the top 3, because all your entries were awesome. Me and the other judges all enjoyed listening through every entry, thankyou.


Cover art by @Apollo (Old)

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    tfw the most hated person's entry was first

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      easiest competition of my life

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    almost AT day 2016

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    lux got second at something.


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    It's so confusing because my name is Jacob and all the tracks are like, "Thank you Jacob for hosting this awesome competition." And I'm like oh well thank you X3.

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    Olo deserved at least an honorable mention...

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    congrats to all who were honored or won

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    i didnt make it to the top 3 but thank you for complimenting jacob

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    預言者 Prophet (fl studios)

    well i missed the audiotool Day :-: oh well at least i listen to these awesome tracks p.s. Gotta love That catchy theme for this love it.

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    WHOA thank you i just got back on and find out I made third place!! My mind is blown right now!!

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    no wait hold up the homie floydjasper

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    lel missed the entry again. since 2013

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    Jacob Tyler

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    um where is pollux

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    this was my 1000th fav, lol

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