This is the first time I enter Audiotool Day. I thought I would make a dark dnb track again since its been a while :)

Hope u guys like it

P.S. think I will repub this a few more times

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  • Very cool.

  • 1:44 , are you fucking serious?

  • I'm actually currently attempting do do neurofunk and I really wish I could get this type of incredible sound. This is absolutely phenomenal and probably one of the best neurofunk tracks that I've heard on here. Excellent man.

  • :oooo

  • Dark dnb WOW!!!

    I never heard one. It is pretty cool ;)

    You reach a very neat sound.

    And I fully share the opinion of Mr Unkindness and Murder.

  • Massive!

  • As soon as I saw E-Trim i was already all over this track lol. Never cease to impress

  • Republished

    Kick kept bothering me. Hope it's better now ...

  • This torn me back and forth! For some moments i thought now "i was made for loving you" income :P

    Great track! (my english sucks a bit) =)

  • Republished

    Some more mastering on the drums and some extra stereo

  • Holy wow!! These synths are crazy good!!!

  • oh my god, it somehow got even better:)

  • Damn, this is quality neurofunk. Very well executed, man.