yeah, im super late but i didn't want to discard this draft so here you go.

Enjoy the energy in this track

also thanks for 200 (almost)

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  • AHHHHH SO SWEET aNd sMoooth~ <3333

  • This is dEEP

  • holy shit, I just found this. Amazingly done Rai!

  • Republished


  • I really want to clean this up but im too lazy

  • c h i l l v i b e s

  • niiiice

  • Agree with Jacob, percs are definitely too loud or high-end. But the track itself is great.

    Awesome work!

  • prefer this to the other entry, so good

  • ;ooo

    this deserves so much more love

  • This track is so great!:) shame we couldnt put it further up the list cos of a few issues with the mixing - such as drum levels and things

  • drums a bit too loud, other than that this is awesome :)

  • oml <3333333

  • this good

  • Thanks guys<#