It's hard to believe that I've been producing on here for over two years! I still love it just as much as when I started using it, if not more.

Anyway, this song is a sort of "synthwave" track. I always love making mellow songs, and I felt like sticking to the style I enjoy working with the most this year. I may change a few things in the song over the next month or so, but This is what I've got for now :)


I hope you guys like it! And, Happy Audiotool Day!

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  • Holy crap this really did blow up all over YT. There's guitar covers, FL studio remakes.

    That's amazing.

  • And now this song is on the Lofi Girl channel as a Synthwave Boy track. Bravo man.

  • This song got me thru 2022. Love you sm man, thank you sincerely for this masterpiece

  • Such a great dreamy track!

  • I love this song so much. It reminds me so much of Tangerine Dream

  • This song was a huge inspiration for a sequence in my friend's D&D campaign which in turn was the inspiration behind & used in my Senior Capstone/graduate animatic project from college! If you're at all interested, it's here: The part where your song plays starts at ~ 1:40 though. It's not much, but I thought it might be cool for you to see, and I wanted to show you how influential this song was for me and my friends <3

    • That means a lot to me!

      Thank you for sharing your animatic, it was impressively presented.

      I'm truly happy that my music inspired you. It's that kind of impact us artists can only hope for! But, based on what I've seen, I'm certain your art will inspire others too.

  • One of my favorite synthwave tracks. Good job at making it into asthenics mix.

  • The best thing that I've ever done with the 'Aseckas' channel was probably promoting this song.

    • Seriously! That video put this song on the map and it's been featured in even more playlists since then.

      Thank you!

    • Crazy, right? That blew up the song beyond anything I could have imagined!

  • This is so GOOD. I can't believe this was made in a web based DAW. You are a king.

    • Anything is possible, man! I'm glad you like it!

  • Qual é o nome do teclado que faz esses som???????

  • this is still insane

  • This track can make an album by itself, just loop it for 1 hour :) Ethereal music man, it strikes a chord deep into my soul ! You could release a synth-melancholy album, how about it ;)

    • That's a good idea! Thanks for listening :)

  • This track is really big outside of Audiotool, you find it in so many "best of Synthwave" compilations by now, congrats!! <3

    • Thank you!

      I'm surprised by how much traction it has gained, honestly.

      It is, in large part, because of this community as well. I wouldn't be the same artist today if I had never learned of Audiotool.

  • This is pretty.