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  • I still love this lol.

    • this is encouraging! it cost!

    • I'm finding that out now lol.

    • Because I like both versions equally. FIERCE is very talented

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  • You did so much better than me!

  • This is great man. I love the vibe! you did well

    • thank you friend! Comments like this are encouraging!

  • Republished

    alterações finais: uma pequena distorção no hat (gosto de fazer isso), e evidenciei partes no vocal que, por descuido meu, estavam escondidas!

  • I actually remixed this but I'm still working on it. it's very inspiring to hear this though

    • já estou ansioso para ouvir!

  • Republished

    Diminuição da reverberação do vocal, alguns ajustes no pad e diminuição da compressão do bass!

  • I think this is one of the best! I really like the drop in 1:06 ! Respect.

  • muito obrigado pelos feedbacks e conselhos pessoal!

  • Brought my anxiety wayyy down for some reason

  • Chill

  • yessssssssssss

  • great vibe off the bat! all i would fix is just making sure the vocals dont drown in reverb. loving this so far!

  • nice!!!

  • I love this one. The rolling basses are really nice. I also like the trance lead but I feel like with more reverb and some ping pong delay it would sound so much better and wide