Cover of track b r o c c by opi
  • about 2 months ago
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opi, b r o c c


lease $5,000

exclusive $12,000

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    Yin. about 2 months ago

    Your gurl a dyke (dyke)

    she ride my dick like a bike (bike) (ITS UNCOMFORTABLE)

    pastel black (ooh)

    mamma mia (MIA!)

    i got more soul than south korea (bee-tea-ess)

    y'all aint got shit on me

    I'm so fly like xyz (THREEDIMENSIONALPLANE)

    so smart might just get a degree


    where yo baby daddy at


    where yo dad at


    brocc like ciroc

    block on my cock

    flock to a rock (seagull)

    glock in my sock

    yo shoutout to a pt cruiser man

    you can own a car that only people can rent

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      opi about 1 month ago

      i love how u explained one of those bars /in/ the ad lib lmfaoo "(THREEDIMENSIONALPLANE)"

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      ozne about 1 month ago

      its been pinned to the top ig

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      Yin. about 1 month ago

      That my penis is censored. Jeez i wish opi would notice this

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    Werbs (back) about 1 month ago

    eat it like brocoli

    your whole family a mockery

    got yo bitch ridin on top of me

    aint nobody that can top me

    she study my cock like she a nerd

    throat fucked her now her speech slurred

    invent stuff like phineas and ferb

    till my boys go pull up on your curb

    run a train like im a conductor

    she too fat, i had to fuck her

    she a cat, i make her purr

    im a chef, i gotta stir

    my sub overpowers my chords

    i got jewlery u cant afford

    i used to drive a ford

    till i got bored

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      Werbs (back) about 1 month ago

      i just wanna be an inspiration for the young kids, eat your broccoli so u can be big and strong like papa werbs!

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      Werbs (back) about 1 month ago


      bitches pay to ride my schlong

      they call it five dollar foot long

      i bang that shit like its a gong

      i got lots of money

      sweet like its honey

      my bitches think im funny

      i fuck em till their green like broccoli

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    known about 1 month ago

    the amount of actual decent bars in the comments lolol

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    .vistamista ☁ about 2 months ago

    let me remis

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    / kurp / about 1 month ago