Cover of track b r o c c by opi
  • 2 weeks ago
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opi, b r o c c

  • beat
  • hard

lease $5,000

exclusive $12,000

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    kaleab_admasu 1 day ago


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    dove 5 days ago

    hardest beat i ever heard wtf

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    Yin. 1 week ago

    Your gurl a dyke (dyke)

    she ride my dick like a bike (bike) (ITS UNCOMFORTABLE)

    pastel black (ooh)

    mamma mia (MIA!)

    i got more soul than south korea (bee-tea-ess)

    y'all aint got shit on me

    I'm so fly like xyz (THREEDIMENSIONALPLANE)

    so smart might just get a degree


    where yo baby daddy at


    where yo dad at


    brocc like ciroc

    block on my cock

    flock to a rock (seagull)

    glock in my sock

    yo shoutout to a pt cruiser man

    you can own a car that only people can rent

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    ozne 1 week ago

    Brock Obama?

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    khasm 1 week ago

    ahhh i only got $4.999 damn