This is the 3rd and final track to the series Bassball It is the shortest of the 3 and probably the heaviest (hence the different themed picture). It has 7 Bassline synths, 2 Machinists, a Centroid, a beatbox 9 and a beatbox 8, and a kobalt mixer. I made a part 3 because Dj FredD asked for it and because Bassball (Part 1) was my most popular song. This song is made using only the tools audiotool gave me there are no short tracks involved (with the exception of the drum noises that I used for the Machinists) and I had alot of fun making it. If you like this please check out part 1 and 2 and all my other tracks and please favorite, comment , and follow me. I appreciate all attention because im not a very popular artist so thanks for just listening.

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