Cover of track bedford falls by ford.
  • about 1 year ago
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ford., bedford falls

  • tape

im exhausted mentally and physically and fuck do i wish things were the way they used to be. not some deep quote bullshit, i need this right now.

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    Weightless (bye <3) 2 weeks ago

    hey man, just wanted to say congrats for getting 1,000,000 on spotify with this one, you're probably the first AT user to hit that

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      ford. 2 weeks ago

      thank you man. will always be grateful for the community i had here

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    Graytoven (Moved to FL) about 1 month ago

    the quote gets to me on some real shit

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    mwh about 3 months ago


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    opg_killerduce about 4 months ago

    damn man you need to put downloading on this :0 such a good track

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    lil Yeet'o (borf) about 4 months ago

    i just wish one day...