end of the start.


track seven of seven.


the remix competition has officially begun. please go remix any track from the imaginary friend album to enter :)

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  • how have i never heard this :0

  • This always reminded me a bit of the game "Spore"

  • coming back to it and hearing the soothing sounds

  • this song man just omg

  • i was gonna remix this, opened and realised the beginning bit i could not change the sound of. Dreams crushed :'(

  • time for a remix :o

  • Does this count?(http://www.audiotool.com/track/atmosphere-v0wmmiy/)

  • 1016th play!!!! =D

  • 1000th play!!!! :D

  • too good.

  • Im adding this to my album bro :)

  • One of my favorites of yours

  • awesome arrangement, really nice song. A little more high end and it would be prestine :)!

  • But what I'd really like to remix - and take the seriously, because I mean it - is the "don't listen" draft you uploaded with the small chair as the cover. There's a lot to explore with the sounds in that one!

  • Lovely!