Inspired by one of Jonjon's links on my wall.

Thanks to him for that.

I also thank CGman for some way of making that bassline, that I found looking at some of his tracks (in the end it was just a slope but still !)

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  • I love the jazzy piano in this

  • damn

  • gravely baseline,sweet XD

  • <3

  • Haha c't'effet boule de neige... Merci Daftwill ! Et Merci Jambam ;)

  • ah ouai quand meme..comment j'ai pu rater ça ! son incroyable !

  • Hey it's a class track :) Hows tricks mon ami?

  • lol What happened ? how did you all end up here ? :) Thanks guys !

  • Man that rocks.

  • man, fuck, this is SO GOOD! YES! i guess i just came.

  • I agree humbly ;)

  • that's another bomb of yours that deserve more love :)

  • Wow just heard this on Tott's mix, impressive my friend! :)

  • Nice deep bass and drums! Yeah, I can hear the cgman influence in the beginning especially. And you put your own piano jazzy feel into it. Excellent track! Jonjon would love this (I see he faved it already.) :)

  • Ah crap I allready faved it! Well here's to refav. Hope you R enjoying a beer a cig and good music like I am ;)