Inspired by one of Jonjon's links on my wall.

Thanks to him for that.

I also thank CGman for some way of making that bassline, that I found looking at some of his tracks (in the end it was just a slope but still !)

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  • Right from the get-go bass beat with snare drums, with the echo notes start off with a creative intro. Then a small piano cord, changes up the sound, with a jazzy touch. . Still the drum and bass beat continues. Adding a little trumpet just adds a cool touch. The flute is a neat touch to the song as well. Throughout the song the cool piano repeats with the coffee house touch.

  • The fast drums with the Jazzy piano, has techno influence.

  • I love the jazzy piano in this

  • damn

  • gravely baseline,sweet XD

  • <3

  • Haha c't'effet boule de neige... Merci Daftwill ! Et Merci Jambam ;)

  • ah ouai quand meme..comment j'ai pu rater ça ! son incroyable !

  • Hey it's a class track :) Hows tricks mon ami?

  • lol What happened ? how did you all end up here ? :) Thanks guys !

  • Man that rocks.

  • man, fuck, this is SO GOOD! YES! i guess i just came.

  • I agree humbly ;)

  • that's another bomb of yours that deserve more love :)

  • Wow just heard this on Tott's mix, impressive my friend! :)