Track two from the Colors LP.

Want to be me?

All it takes is a laptop, some talent, and one track.

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  • This was PEAK audiotool

  • one of the few non audial prog tracks that make me spunk my brains out

    • absolutely based 2 year anniversary

    • 1200 languages and this man chose to speak facts

  • I never appreciated this song enough when it first dropped

    • Gotta be one of my most listed to songs of all time on this website by now

  • I found this in the mix on Soundcloud. I am in LOVE with this rn.

  • damn.

  • Damn i remember this <3

  • I'll Give vocal To this Track

  • damn frgt how good this was <3

  • i might consider making my own edit of this song

  • 2 years old

  • this is 2 years old why does it say 1 year :/

  • shoutout everyone who was here on the pub day <3

  • fucking memoriesssss

  • 100

  • 99