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  • Awesome work

  • Came back to this. Uber relaxing track dude

  • Drums are so tasty


  • love the drums

  • Refav *.* So beautiful <3

  • awesome!

  • You did it

  • hey guys, i just made my first track and was looking to get some opinions and thoughts on it, here's the link: Spaced Out

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • these are good vibes dude

  • fuuuuuuu

  • Wow i really like the theme your going for :). like to see how your future tracks turn out. Inspirational.

  • People dont seem to respect that fact that if there are samples, they probably made those for the song. Quit whining just because you can't do half this well

  • I don't do well with chillout music, but this is good.