My Definition of Electro.

Weird tune;)

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  • Who else is from Wikipedia?

    I was just trying to figure out the difference between Electro and Electro-Funk, while listening to some tracks on here and my mind got completely obliterated when I noticed that I had heard the example track before.

    • Thanks man

    • There is certainly a difference between Electro and Electro-funk. Electro-funk is closer to funk and hip-hop, but Electro is closer to "kraftwerk-style influence" and techno, I think. Often many people associate Electro with "edm electrohouse", which is not correct and confusing

  • Безусловно влияние Кraftwerk в моем треке здесь есть !

    Nashi vkusi sovpadaiut :)

    • Наверняка!

  • It has that funky old school electro feel yet it still sounds brand new!

  • Spasibo Ssag ! :) Ya do sih por slushayu i obozhayu etu gruppu, i rad chto nashi vkusy sovpadayut.

  • Very cool !

  • Hey Chunk, I've always wondered...

    Where do you get your vocals?

    Do you make them yourself, and if so... how?

  • Was there a vocoder omg.. This is too good! Your bass is always awesome!

  • Oh and BTF

  • Thanks for reminding me of this Tott! Excuse my language but fucking hell is this good! Downloaded, Refave and how did you get the vioces? :)

  • Forgot to fav.... my bad ;)

  • i like the 80's sound

  • Very good definition! Relaxing and interesting at the same time! :)

  • Thanks a lot ! :)

  • ahhh very cool electro :)