I decided to experiment a little with ambience. I quickly tested my mic with recording a guitar sample. As I said, this is just an experiment. I think the vocals are a bit cheesy though. Please take your time to listen and criticize and hopefully I will continue doing this. I like it. What do you think?

Edit: minor tweaks

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  • nope nvm

  • Oh my god, 12-12-12? This just asks for another edit

  • really nice track

  • This is the music I'd put on my ipod.

  • Really nice.

  • i like this :D

  • That intro guitar is just awesome. I had to come back for another listen. Thanks.

  • I really didnt think it would be appreciated so much

  • relaxing

  • good!

  • thanks man :D

  • lovely-i love hearing riddim like this its good

  • it's great to hear that from one of the ambient gods! :D

  • there is perfection in this imperfection.. such a beautiful combination of emotions ...

  • ;O I like alot! Realy Good Ambience Feel to it! And yea maybe THe Guitars Could be sharper Other then that its amazing. ( Not so Sharp so it can go with that smoothness) I love it. Really nice man <3 Really amazing :) i love it