1 day device blob

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  • Nice, very nice....

  • groovy ahh song

  • Lo-House

  • noice

  • "Now TAYNE I can get into"

  • Check out Good Looking Records, this has the style you can groove at the club.

  • oooh he goonin'

  • Republished

    Tweaks some frequency bands and made the melody less busy

  • movin and groovin type beat

  • im not risking remixing this

    • makes me wish there was an eq that you could add as many bands as you wanted, similar to some external eq plugins

    • If the quantum had maybe another 1-2 bands, my projects wouldn't look scary at all 🥲

  • Still effortlessly a goon track, but loving the traditional house energy intertwined!

  • Oh thank God there's some new Goon and it's fun as hell

    I know I'll see a thousand re-publishes of this but at least I got some new ammo for my mix playlist ;)

    • wouldn't have it any other way 💖

    • only a very reasonable 572 repubs coming this time

    • you're so good at layering

  • wth!!?

    how was this even made?

    your eq and mixing is absolutely impeccable

  • a new goon release?

    good vibes

    • what about the next bloome release, eh? ;)

  • cover is smooth ;D