Well, I'm back. And I'm working on my next album, which is halfway done. I just thought I had to release this song first because it really meant a lot to me. My upcoming album talks a lot about my personal life, the stuff I've been through, and I thought this song was a great way to start it. So yea, enjoy Bridges. Or not.


This was really hard to work on, especially with my hearing loss lately, so sorry if my voice has degraded/ is not as good as before. I'm leaving remix open just to see if anyone wants to come up with another version of this track, and since I'm dropping my album only next year, feel free to give feedback. Special thanks to @ofvmusic ‏‏‎‎ for helping in the vocal production. Cheers <3



You set the fires that burnt the bridges between our lives

You took away everything precious before my eyes

I stood for you, and you abandoned me

But what else can I do, except wallow in silence

Why'd I have to be lonely

Is it too much to ask for somebody

I'm well and alive, and yet I'm barely living

It's like no one around here, knows me

I embraced you in warmth in the cold of the night

Yet you surrender my battles without even a fight

And to all of you who told me, I didn't need to hide

You don't think I've tried to look on the bright side?

But do I always gotta look on the bright side?

Even when I want to die inside

Why'd I have to be lonely

Is it too much to ask for somebody

I've got friends to turn to, and yet no one's listening

It's as if no one around me, wants me

Won't anyone come… (x3)

Why’d I have to be lonely

Everyone else got themselves their own friends, and their own families

Life's unfair, and all I can do is just accept it

But it's hard to do it when you're alone, and when you're fucking lonely

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