¤ - man maybe something will finally like



Δ - i'm really thinking it will




all guitar samples were recycled from the recordings made for runaways ( thanks again @withdecay ) and i'm that someone unnamed



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  • Listening to the ending of this on tape rn. This track is glorious.

  • this...

  • very nice :)

    • ooh i love this will destroy you! so glad to find another fan :)

    • ah i hadn't heard of them but i can definitely hear the similarities

      this actually originally started as me trying to make some sunn o))) drone metal type stuff and then it just evolved into what it is now

    • this reminds me of a band called This Will Destroy You (the beginning), not sure if you have heard of them. But honestly this is quite an emotional piece and very impressive that you are able to convey your ideas in such a way.

  • Man this music gives me this melancholy feeling so deep, visionanary, love it!:~)

  • You'll make it big.

  • this is turning into my favorite track tbh

  • around the 7 minute mark... victorious, emotional... tearing up.

  • How does one even? Like really how? This is incredible.

  • really feels like a presentation

    crazy impressive stuff

    • the way you keep progressing the track is so awesome, like everyone else said: doesn't get boring once

  • Republished

    tiny and probably unnoticeable changes

  • the marks of a true artist

    falls nowhere short of demonstrating your visionary skill and representing the beauty of your mind

    thank you for this experience

    • cannot express how much this comment means to me

      thank you <3

  • This is very beautiful and emotional, I can see imagery before my eyes listening to this. Also this is very well produced holy shit that snapshot looks messy

    • yes that is how my snapshots tend to be

  • Wow :)

    The first part made me remember My bloody valentine <3

  • fabelhaft