What is happening in Ukraine now is fucked up. I am a Russian citizen, but I had always wished that Putin is DEAD. What this idiot is doing in front of the whole world is unbelievable. I hope his days are counted!

You know you can support Ukraine Army by donating money even crypto. Also, you can support hacking groups around the world such as Anonymous by lending your computer resources by downloading - High Orbit Ion Canon - this way they can use your resources for cyberattacks on Russian infrastructure that is currently being destroyed including Moscow Exchange since most countries have stopped diplomatic relationship with Russia such activities are not against the law currently. I am lending all my PC rig resources to Anonymous now through High Orbit Ion Cannon software. They are taking down everything possible. Also, this site if opened will conduct DDOS attacks on sites listed there -

Including propaganda sites that Putin Regime uses to spread false info to brainwash Russian people that this war is ok to take place and be.

I can thank Putin for one thing - he has finally united the whole world against him. Fuck you Satan!

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  • i cant get over how you add so much distinctive sounds with just a single pulv/heis it's just


    got dang I really gotta understand how you accomplish such ethereal sounds

    • when listening to the right headphones at the right volume, you hear additional things you haven't heard before and it leaves me in such a drugged out daze GAH

  • I'm very disappointed in the people in the comment section eho truly dont have a full grasp of the situation between Russia and Ukraine. It saddens me that you, Sila, have to put up with ignorance and false pride. If people are going to share an opinion, it's important to have an understanding of the full picture and not just the individual pieces.

    • I agree with @Blooome statement below mine. I think it's great the developers of audiotool are rooting for Ukraine but at the same time, it's also a music site which shouldn't be used as facebook. We are here for music, not politics. If you are here for politics, do some history research and look at both sides of the coin. May there be peace for the Russian citizens who suffer from the poor choices of their leader, Putin. May Ukraine continue to make their stand.

  • Fuck putin forever ! Bro you are a wonderful soul, I love you.

    I love you Russian people, you are under the yoke of a mad dictator.

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  • I was reading some downvoted comments, and I wanna say to these authors:

    Audiotool is a music website, not Facebook. Put your political arguments somewhere else.

    • That's what I'm saying

  • I have family in Ukraine and I worry about them every day, but I'm also thinking of you guys in Russia suffering the consequences of Putin's bad decisions. Stay strong. I hope this can be all over soon and the world will become a better place.

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  • Putin is gonna be the reason WWIII starts. I feel bad for Russian citizens rn and in the future because what Putin The Idiot is doing. He is the reason why the girl who was representing Russia in the Olympics for Ice skating lost.

    • Yep... WWIII

    • i think so too putin be like Back in the ussr

    • Scared for my own life because Vlad Pootis over there decided he wants the Soviet Union a real thing again. (I'm an U.S. Citizen, BTW). The US will have no choice but to get involved in the fight if Russia attacks any members of NATO.

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  • Смело...

  • Prayers going to Ukraine and the sane citizens of Russia

  • Russia, canceled.

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  • Make music - end war

    I contribute this track: DÅFT SOUND

    PEACE for everyone




  • Neglect putin, return to rasputin

    • Rasputin is an antivaxxer

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  • It's great you punctuated that with a way we can overload their bad propaganda with DDOS attacks. Thank you for this!