I'm hosting a remix competition for cathode Knights. Trick is, you'll be starting with a clean slate, vocals only. Make something that impresses me, and your remix will end up on the Cathode Knights single!


Minimal samples (you can use them, but unless you make something really creative with them, try not to only use samples. You can still use as many drum samples and such as you like!).

Minimum length of 2:45 .

Try to be as creative as possible. This will definitely help your chances.

Make it sound good. If you need help mastering the song, try looking up some tutorials.

Due Date: 4/16/2015.

Good luck!

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  • Awesome man the atmosphere is good and you were very creative with the minimal samples

  • I vote Sndbrgn :)

  • Erzeugt ein geniales feeling mit dem bass und den percissions! Würde auch zu einem tron soundtrack passen :)

  • Great atmosphere

  • I love how everything flows together and that groovy bass.

  • groovy :)

  • Delectable stuff here as usual Sandburgen!


  • You are right. The description is a bit misleading :) thanks mate

  • Awesome remix! I kinda feel like someone is gonna get confused with the description though lol

  • Thanks Sharkman. As I said before: I think there are some better ones. But thank you anyways ; )

  • Here is my winner! So.....sandyman. Great use of the vocals, opened it up and what a good idea to use it this way with the machinist. And the 303 are great. ok, guess you understand i love it

  • Thanks Merle. Always good to hear from you. Some of the others are better imo

  • This is delicious! Sandy, you are a pro my friend.

  • thanks Jonjon. Massive Attack surely is my main inspiration in my slower tracks. :)

  • o.0