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    S0N1CSPACE's Playground about 8 months ago

    It sounds alright. Future house isn't really up my alley, but I think it sounds okay. The chords seem a bit chaotic in my opinion. I really can't give you good mixing advice at the moment since I'm using crappy headphones, but the mix sounds pretty good.

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    ZIM about 11 months ago

    Great start, you did an awesome job on the chords, love them

    I noticed you hit a bad note somewhere about 0:17 maybe take a look at that

    My main suggestion would be to add some more variation, the transitions don't really lead to much, and it eventually gets very repetitive after 5 minutes. I would add in a secondary lead or drop, as long as its something else for a little while.

    Otherwise this is really good, nice melody, great chords, and im digging the bass parts are pretty cool 3:31

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    YITO♻️ about 11 months ago

    pretty nice man, good work

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    ak_k about 11 months ago

    Wow nice job!

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    SAMFISH about 1 year ago

    those chords tho