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I do electronic music. Any kind. I hate having rivals - I wish only to make friends.
Dreams [2020 Remix Comp] DATE CHANGED
Please check out these other artists that sadly not nearly enough people know exists:
@Ashes XO
@Fazu! <- A freaking GOD
@*DISS* xom <- Check out his track Cosmonaut (Up on Vesper!)
@XIM (100)
@EDM Samurai
@Mr. Иiяiмi <- One of my greatest friends and supporters on here :)
@Werbs <- Yes I'm aware Werbs has a fair amount of followers but not nearly as many as he deserves.
@Rodeheavrr <- Super Underrated
@XculE <- Just frickin love his wubs :)
I know @Leolee and @HALCASTER <- They're new, but have experience with DAWs
  • dubstep
  • vocaloid
  • dance
  • melodic
  • remix