Finally, my second track in Audiotool. I am continuing to experiment with harmonies, trying something jazzier this time. I am also working to improve my skills for structuring a song, programming drums and creating a good mix.

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  • Super...

  • That's how synthpop is supposed to sound! :)

  • I can hear some acid influences. I like the upbeat-ness of this.

  • Thanks, glad you liked it!

  • real skill right here. this stuns me, and even though you clearly have some experience for your second track this is pretty phenomenal.

  • Thank you cripta and Frij!

  • wow cool....very 80's ;)

  • damn good synthpop

  • Thanks fauko!

  • love this composition. super refined quality :)

  • Thanks Christ0boltz and Merle!

  • This track is super clean and very nicely arranged. Really dig that funky bass sound.

  • Really Nice!

  • Thank you AtHeat and Tantrum! I'd like to publish more often but you know how scarce free time can be...

  • Love this! Love the melody and chords! this is great!