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  • Republished

    Hi, Lows, for album

  • bruhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • This is so awesome! I am super impressed

  • Very beautiful jace.

  • Beautiful.

  • I thought it was safe to assume i could pre-favorite this. Sweet beat at 0:47 !! very nice stuff serioualy. I cant putbmy finger on what exactly i love some much the melody is awesome! very free sounding. And those pads!!!! very awesome atmosphere and emotions put into this! i cant get enoughbof this :0 love love this!!!

  • super.... that's a lovely synth solo

  • jace, you've really distanced yourself from the pack lately man. Exceptional piece.

  • Really fresh stuff, really unique to my ears, fab N1m8:)!

  • too good, beautiful work :)

  • some Clark inspiration here?? great track!

  • still love this one.

  • thanks man! xD but now is not the time (;

  • So damn much emotion! Wheres the album already? Its time for you to blow up...

  • amazing...