My last track before I go to Germany. :)

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  • How did I ever miss this? Lovely!

  • Just amazing stuff, thank you so much!

  • your electropop stuff is outstanding

  • Hey I'm just advertising here but I would like for people to give my song a listen Ying Yang thank you all sexy beasts

  • Amazing!!

  • The 303 that comes in around 2.30 is awesome :)

  • Nice, but it feels a little disjointed at times. Take, for instance, 1.20 . There is a brief moment where the drive (forward motion) just goes kaput. And in anything funky, you gotta have that drive :) Good sound design, though a little static/ robotic for funk (being picky here). You may try experimenting with some somewhat out there note choices. There are no wrong notes, just wrong ways to play them :)

  • Sounds like Daft Punk them-self man. Great work

  • 69th favourite woot

  • bassline is too awesome.

  • wow this is Great! good luck in germany. :)

  • fuck me this is great

  • epic

  • cool

  • i am going to give you some veery pro comments