My entry for the Dub Compilation. I actually worked harder than usual on this. I tried to make almost everything as varied as possible, and danceable.

There is vox in this but it's muted? I think Dub Techno is supposed to be instrumental. I still don't really get what it is. But whatever this is, it's a thing.

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  • Man... Now I remember why I love techno :D ! I'm going to learn with that track!

  • Wow ! Love these sounds...

  • Really high quality! I've always been a fan of the bouncing between L/R channels effect. Also been watching your stuff on youtube, gonna start making some of my own soon enough.

  • I like it :o

  • This SHOULD have a remix of a reremix

  • very well made infy! i hope they will put it on the compilation!

  • that's what i call bassy song!

  • Im going to remix, but, its going to be hard...

  • Hey awesome track man!If you want check out my tracks!

    I have dubstep and other stuff.


  • Boss work! Keep making these smexy tracks!

  • Just awesome.

  • like

  • Really good

  • Great work. You have a nice beat going on here :)

  • oh wow that bass at 1:50 ! :)