track 1 of ???

not the final version

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  • Republished

    opened download enjoy

  • thanks!! I have gone off this a bit, dont know if i will use the track

  • Yeah! digging the sonics on this :)

  • ReFav!! :)

  • get that ep out :D

  • re fav city - wish i could download

  • yeah dude , nice!

  • Oh yeh, lovely Tech, m8 N1:) !

  • !!! Oh my god. I love this. This reminds me of sumad's stuff a bit, but you have your own spin. It's really awesome ascent! This is sonic art. Beautiful darkness. Pic goes great with this too. Feature-worthy in my opinion, but probably most all of your tracks are feature-worthy. lol. ;)

  • yeah!

  • thanks ;)

  • Dark and fun at the same time. :)

  • BTF!!!

    this is a must hear!!!!

  • Republished

    added some sub

  • hehe ;) Hopefully track 1 of many to come ;) Love it!