tribute to some joy division drums I love ;)

thanks arche and camille for the nice vocals.

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  • Thanks mates. I nearly forgot about this track too ;)

  • I forgot about this track... This is actually really cool. Over never really been into music like this.

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  • great track :)

  • yo should add more. cool layer doe ad me

  • glissando wow ... I heard this word before ... I think it was nearly thirty years ago in my guitarlesson or something. I'll check out what you could mean. Thanks Frigolito you are our prof ;)

  • Nice drums, and that glissando synth is just too spooky! :)

  • thanks mates ... got to change it here aswell: these vocals are not from Arche. My secretary researched incorrectly

  • Jeez you really know how to create the sound. Again well f*cking done

  • :)

  • unreal good very cool voice effects/integration love it - now the cripta crazy remix.....

  • looking forward