I finally managed to generate that growling monster bass in audiotool, and I mixed a nice and clean self-made beat to it.

this is the extended version with a bit more subbass, and reverb effects applied to a lot of sounds. I also turned the volume down because of clipping artefacts caused by the bass coming in later. the limiter made everything .. hmm less powerful, so i decided to do that. And my final step was to turn down the volume of that sqeaking sound and turn up the volume of my lovely bass. Enjoy ;)

This is free for inspiration, but still my intellectual property, please respect that, don't sell my ideas ;) Many Thanks!

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  • nice

  • :) we need more Cgman :)

  • 5000 play ;)

  • man this is cool! check out my latest, power surge, comment and follow plz

  • Thx love it...bad ass dnb onto my ipod it is ;)

  • Pretty Good

  • Great track! Thanks for mentioning the reason tutorial. I think you got really close in Audiotool.

  • bit crushed remix?

  • kick-ass! awesome bass, i'll probably steal it ;)

  • this is huge! thanks for featuring

  • you are ed rush & optical in disguise, right? well done!

  • SOOOORRRYY!! but the bass is a bit louder now ;)

  • Oh man! This is coool! Kick ass bass! This is the best Dub bass sound i've heard so far on Audiotool. High quality sound.

  • man your beat is awesome ;D

  • You finished! One of my favorite tracks on Audiotool so far! That monster bot is KILLER. Awesome work!!!!