My synth Harp demo, it even does those off-putting dissonances that a real harp does. kinda of some blend between noise music and melody.

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  • very organic vibe (not only the atmosphere, but the synth work too), i'll have to dive into your tracks at some point to discover more great stuff

  • The second half drum pattern sounds like @nico push(how do ) track.

  • i feel at an estranged pace of peace from listening to this. i feel happy, confused, and distraught, but excited and curious. by 1:10 i feel total peace and now i'm smiling and laying down in my bed with my eyes closed and dreaming i'm in my own fantasy of forestry and ease.

    in general, this is beautiful, lol.

  • great work

  • Republished

    second half is so much better than before lol

  • Where the wild things are

  • this is the shiiit

  • Is this copyright because i want to use it

    • Yeah, it's CC BY-SA so if you use it for anything, you're legally required to give credit.

    • if u mean for a video or something go ahead idrc, would appreciate a link to the track in the description or something though

  • i love this one. its soo creative

  • Hi man, Who is the cover artist? Perfectly fit with your unique and beautiful music.

    Last question : Harp from Versilian studios or other (Spitfire ...) wanted to download but I hesitate

    • Anyway the track is amazing

    • Thank you, and I’m not sure, I just found this on Instagram. And also the harp was sound designed on audio tool , if that’s what ur asking because idk what either of those are.

  • I swear your sound is the most intergalactic thing on planet Earth

  • Republished

    second half is a lot better now

  • the bitcrushed chords in the second half sound way different than in the draft. sounds like its playing completely different notes here

  • your images deeply appeals me as much as your tracks

  • this is like ferneyhough meets aphex twin.. wild